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3 Ways to Listen to Your Intuition

That is the question that Coach Freddie asks, which sparks a discussion about Jack Canfield’s 47th Success Principle: looking inward for answers. This principle, known as “Inquire Within,” emphasizes the importance of tuning in to your intuition and trusting your inner wisdom when searching for a solution to a problem.

Exploring your inner self allows you to access your subconscious mind. This part of your mind holds your innate abilities. It is essential to connect with this aspect because successful individuals often do so. They nurture their intuition to rely on their instincts and heed their internal wisdom.

Even the smartest individuals recognize its significance:

At some point in your life, a sudden shift in awareness is required. This shift will bring about the answers you seek in a way that seems inexplicable. You will receive the solution without any clear or tangible explanation.

3 Ways Intuition Can Provide the Answers You Seek:

Visual: Through your sense of sight, you can tap into your intuition by observing your surroundings or conjuring up mental images. As a visually inclined individual, you may find that you’re able to envision the solution with clarity and precision.

Auditory: You can gain insights through your sense of hearing by processing sounds, like tuning in to a inner voice guiding you on what action to take next.

Kinesthetic: Kinesthetic intuition involves the ability to sense and understand information using your physical and emotional sensations. This may manifest as a gut feeling or a bodily sensation signaling that something may not be right.

Upon tapping into your inner wisdom and discovering the solution, you’ll be met with an overwhelming sense of lucidity and a surge of enthusiasm. This phenomenon occurs because your mind has been intensely preoccupied with the issue, and finding the answer brings a liberating release of pent-up energy, resulting in an exhilarating rush.

How to practice listening to your intuition

To access your subconscious information, it is important to be in a calm state. This allows for better communication with your intuition and facilitates receiving information through any of the three methods discussed.

To calm your mind and unwind, try incorporating meditation into your routine. Through meditation, you can achieve a sense of serenity and calm that’s hard to come by in your busy everyday life. Even a brief meditation practice can help you tap into your inner wisdom and gain valuable insights from your subconscious mind.

Coach Freddie Shares a Calming and Easy Meditation Technique to Follow:

  1. Pause all your activities and take a one-minute break.
  2. Breathe in fully and calm your physical tension to quiet your thoughts.
  3. Take a moment to ponder the question you have in your thoughts for a minute.

Your brain will process the question subconsciously, and the solution may surface at a later time, often unexpectedly. This delayed insight can occur hours or even days later. To tap into this inner wisdom, it’s essential to maintain a strong connection with your instinctive self, allowing you to access the answers you’re seeking.

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